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Arelica a Farmington Hills MI Tree Removal Service, has many years of expert skill and education in the tree removal industry. We take pride on building corners not cutting them. Many home owners have questions about tree removal and how licensing and permits come into play when considering a tree removal in Farmington Hills, Michigan

Frequently Asked Questions, City of Farmington Hills

Do I need to get a tree permit to remove a tree at my house?

  • A homeowner can remove two protected trees in Farmington Hills Michigan (trees 6" in diameter or greater measured 4' off the ground) each calendar year without getting a permit unless they are Landmark trees which are generally defined as trees 24" diameter or greater that are in good condition. Tree Permits are required to remove Landmark trees.

Do I need to have a Tree Removal License to Remove a tree on my property?

View the official website, as seen below, on Tree Removal Licensing.

Tree Removal Licensing Information

Required State License(s): None.

 Further Information: individuals who use the title "registered forester" are required to be licensed with the Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs, Commercial Services Licensing Division; (517) 241-9288.

 Hiring a reputable Farmington Hills Tree Removal Service Contractor is the key to your safety.  There are many tree service companies who claim to be experts in their field.  Make sure the tree service you work with is licensed and insured.
 As a State Registered Tree Care/Tree Service company, Arelica of Farmington Hills Michigan, advises consumers to use a tree removal service with a history of experience in tree services, get references and make sure they are certified in their field.















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Tree Removal Techniques


  • This tree removal technique involves confirming there's enough room for the tree to fall to the ground without hitting other objects: Always check the tree's height to determine whether it can safely fall. Using appropriate safety gear, especially a hard hat, goggles and gloves, you then use a saw or chainsaw to begin removing branches, starting with the upper branches first. Work your way down the tree, from top to bottom. Once you've removed as many branches and smaller trunks as you can, you're ready to make the final cut to bring the main trunk down. Arelica of Farmington Hills Tree Removal does not recommend this type of tree removal on any circumstances, without the help of a professional in the field.

Traditional Tree Removal

  • This technique, typically offered by professional tree removal companies, involves the tree climber cutting branches as he works his way up the trunk of the tree. Using a harness and safety ropes, once the tree climber reaches the top of the tree he begins to cut the upper sections of the trunk, letting them freefall to the ground. The climber continues to work back down the trunk, removing sections as he goes. Once the tree seems short enough to fell, a final cut is made and the rest of the tree falls. This is just a basic Tree Removal Outline, although the complexity of removal often is much more diverse and higher risk depending on the multiple factors.

Spar Pole Rigging

  • Similar to traditional tree removal, a tree climber trims all of the branches off the tree as he heads for the top. But once the tree is trimmed, removal of the upper portion of the trunk requires a rigging rope to lower the chunks to the ground. This procedure gets used primarily when the tree sits too close to structures or other landscaping to allow the large, heavy pieces to freefall.


Whole Tree Rigging and Removal

  • This removal technique involves removing every part of the tree, including branches and trunk sections, using a rigging rope. Cranes may be used to make the job a bit easier. This removal technique may be one of the most time-consuming, but if done properly, also involves the least damage to buildings, landscaping or utility lines located close to the tree. Arelica of Farmington Hills Michigan Tree Removal specializes in hazardous tree removal techniques which often require rigging as described in this brief of tree removal rigging.


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