Tree Removal Precision & Balance

A brief display of precision & balance taken for every Tree Removal, Trimming & Pruning job. Arelcia - Your Michigan Tree Service Company

Photo of Tree Removal & Tree Removal Photo

Powers lines, Hills, Backyards... Need a climber? Does your Tree Servicing Company have limitations? There are no limitations or restrictions Arelica Tree Service Can't overcome!

Ropes and Rigging!

To avoid damage; trees in close proximity to the homes are rigged and lowered to a secured drop area. We take pride in securing the safety of your homes and loved ones, while removing, trimming or pruning trees seeemlessly!

Tree Walkers

Our climbers are expert tree climbers, trained and skilled in art of limb, tree, branch walking. This is a picture of our tree removal, climber walking out on limb for your servicing needs.

Tall Trees without arial bucket access!

Display of our climber going to heights in excess of 80 feet, in this cottonwood tree.

60 Foot Pine Tree!

Per Customers request for firewood, we can cut logs to any size for removal!

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Safety and care on every cut will ease your mind as we climb to new heights! Is your tree removal, Tree Service Safe? Do you feel safe there safe up there, as they remove your Tree?

Close To Homes?

No problem for our climbers. This Job took a total of 1.5 Hours to completion!